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  Guitar Classes  
    Guitar 1 - 3 cover a host of instruction from beginner level to local hero. The Rhythm and Fretboard classes focus on developing strengths of each hand.
Classes meet for 50 minutes once a week for 6 weeks. All classes $90 for 6 weeks.
  Guitar 1: Strumming the Essentials The perfect place to get started or return to after a long break.
  Guitar 2: Refining Skills Now that things are up and running, let's add more chords, color, style and riffs!
  Guitar 3: Workhorse Roundup When you want more of a challenge or want to add more detailed tunes to your repertoire.
  Rhythm & Style Dynamics, feel, groove, style, it's all about the strumming hand here.
Fretboard Navigation We don't think about notes when we're playing, just patterns that you'll learn here.
  Fingerstyle Repertoire Add songs to your set that have rhythm, harmony and melody happening on your guitar all at once.
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